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Where is Ghana?

West Africa




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Hello, my name is Dennis

Interested in an African fishing adventure? . . . . . . read on . . . . . .

Set aside the pressures of your regular life for a few days and indulge yourself in our Ghana Fishing Experience.

Discover a slower, more relaxing way of life - a breathtaking, natural world filled with the most captivating, cultural treasures.

If you haven't been before you're in for a trip of a life time. Words cannot describe the experience you will have. I can only give you a brief insight into the sights and sounds of Africa, the memories will remain with you forever.

Despite all my years of living and working in Africa, I am still amazed and fascinated at just how simple and stress free day-to-day life can be once you are away from the city…

"Behind me sits a boy, cross-legged in the rear of his dugout canoe. I have the good fortune to be seated on a wooden slat in the front. We are moving slowly across this wide river in the heart of Africa, heading for his village on the other side. The boy paddling can be no more than ten years old, but the skill and precision that this lad displays belies his slender years - manoeuvring his thirty-foot canoe so skillfully and confidently.

As we cross the river, another canoe of about the same size carries two children of a similar age. They are fishing using throwing nets. As they hurl out their net it balloons out, hovering in the air like an inverted mushroom before hitting the water in a perfect circle"…

I have to say this is not my preferred way of fishing - I never did get the hang of those throwing nets.

Rods and reels, with a range of end tackles and baits, are the staple of our fishing trips. They achieve the same result as the net, putting plenty of fabulous fish in the boat, but they also offer something the net cannot - the chance to hook an African monster!

The Ghana Fishing Experience - try it once and you'll be hooked!


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